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Cold Weather Maintenance: Winter Oil Change Tips

Now that the chilly weather is here in Langley, the colder temperatures can wreak havoc on motor oils, impacting performance and creating extra wear and tear on your engine. 

Replacing your motor oil and keeping it topped up will ensure your engine and its parts are working correctly. But did you know that using a different oil in cold weather can boost engine function and extend the life of your engine? Read on to learn some winter oil tips:

Recognize the viscosity

The viscosity of motor oil—how thick or thin it is and how quickly it flows—is used to gauge its quality. You’ll be guided through the process by the numbers and letters on the bottle.

Understand the viscosity 

Motor oil is measured by its viscosity—how thick or thin it is and how fast it will flow. The numbers and letters on the bottle will guide you through the proper temperature grade. During the winter months, try using a 5W30 oil. This grade of lubricant will flow better in your engine and won’t stiffen up in frigid temperatures. 

Choose the proper weight

The colder the climate, the more critical the oil weight becomes. If you live in an area where the temperatures dip dramatically, you may want to use a multigrade oil. Your vehicle owner’s manual will have a list of temperature guidelines to help point you in the right direction. 

Go synthetic 

Choose a synthetic option to keep your engine running at peak performance during the winter. This high-performing oil has fewer impurities and flows better in cold temperatures than conventional products. Synthetic oil can’t be beaten to keep your car starting and running in the frosty climate.

Get regular oil changes. 

No matter which oil works best for your engine, it won’t help if you neglect regular oil changes. Over time, motor oil breaks down and gets dirty, exposing your engine to wear and damage. If you want to maximise engine performance, fuel economy, and your vehicle’s lifespan, don’t forget to get regular oil changes (or even a quick oil change).

Don’t let the deep freeze affect your vehicle this season. With the proper lubricant flowing through the engine and regular oil changes, you will keep the engine starting and humming throughout the winter.  

Which oil is best for your engine in the winter? 

Ask the experts at Township Oil Change in Langley. You can just bring your vehicle into our convenient drive-through oil change. Our certified technicians know what oil your engine needs when the temperatures drop. 

At Township Oil, we are passionate about our preventative winter maintenance services. When you visit us, rest easy knowing you and your engine are in the business’s best, most experienced hands. 

Get your engine ready for the cold season with Township Oil —your choice for quality service and products all winter long. 

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