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Car Services & Maintenance

At Township Oil you will receive top-quality, comprehensive vehicle maintenance services from professionally trained technicians. Your oil change will be completed using high quality, Warranty Approved Products, and our technicians will complete a full 23-point visual inspection to ensure your vehicle receives the servicing it deserves. We offer the largest variety of conventional, semi-synthetic and high performance full synthetic engine oils on the market, at one convenient location.

Beyond oil changes, our full menu of maintenance services has you covered from headlight to taillight and everything in between. Whether it’s just an oil change, fuel system cleaning, or a full vehicle service, we’ll keep you smiling and your vehicle humming. Just drive on in and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Township Oil in Langley

We only use warranty approved products

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Township Oil Langley

Our Services

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No appointment necessary and you’re driving out with a new premium oil, filter and full 23-point inspection complete. We’ll even help you choose the right oil to gain maximum vehicle performance.

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Engine Oil isn’t the only automotive fluid to be maintained. Keep your vehicle lubricated all round. Consider our full range of services to attend to your transmission fluid, radiator fluid, differential fluid and transfer case fluid​.

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Keep things fresh. Filter out unwanted particles. Your vehicle has many filters to keep everything running clean. From air engine intake and fresh cabin air filtration to fuel filters and more, we’ve got them all covered. Plus, they’re warranty-approved.

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Your vehicle is our business, far beyond the hood. At Township Oil, Oil changes are not all we do. We offer a variety of automotive services, additives and enhancers. Every possible improvement your vehicle could need.


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