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 Filter Replacements

Air Filter Replacement

Air (engine intake) filters are important to monitor because they keep your internal engine parts clean and running smoothly.

Air filter neglect can lead to issues. Left too long, and it will eventually become blocked by the road dust it’s intended to filter out. This decreases the performance of your engine. It also decreases air flow (oxygen) to the combustion chamber. Township Oil can easily find the right replacement filter for you and replace your old one, leading to increased gas mileage and enhanced performance.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Foreign smells and dust belong outside your car, not in the cabin. Have your cabin air filter replaced regularly.

Cabin air filters are used to clean incoming air for the car’s HVAC system. Introduced in European vehicles, cabin air filters are now common on many makes and models. The cabin air filter helps trap pollen, dust, and exhaust gases that may find their way into a vehicle’s ventilation system, making the interior of your car cleaner & healthier. Township Oil will replace your cabin air filter if its plugged, or you can consult the owner’s manual for recommended frequency. Or just ask us!

Fuel Filter Replacement

Keep your vehicle humming. Consider a fuel filter replacement to rid of hesitation and sluggish response.

Fuel Filter – Most vehicles have an inline fuel filter that should be changed on regular intervals.

Fuel Injection Service – For vehicles that don’t have an inline fuel filter, a fuel injection service includes cleaning the fuel injectors, air intake and emission systems.

How it helps: The fuel filter is a small device that removes impurities, such as dirt and rust from the fuel before it can contaminate the fuel system. Our service helps to eliminate worrisome rough idling, hesitation and sluggishness, and promote smooth performance .

*Many auto manufacturers recommend replacing the fuel filter at regularly scheduled intervals. Check your owner’s manual for details.

PCV Valve Replacement

These valves are no longer standard on vehicles. But if you do have one, we’re happy to check it and see if it needs replacing.

PCV Valves (and breathers) prevent pressure build up in your crankcase. They also help to reduce pollution emissions. Over time, they become dirty, blocked and in need of replacement.

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